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New Zealand Universal List of Medicines

A free to use, trusted reference source of commonly used
medicines information for New Zealand health professionals.

A project of the NZ Ministry of Health.

What is the NZULM?

Whether you are a doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse or another professional working with medicines, the New Zealand Universal List of Medicines (NZULM) provides a trusted, one-stop-shop for practical and commonly used information about medicines.

The NZULM is a dictionary of trusted, standardised information about medicines covering medicines approved for supply in New Zealand as well as products listed in PHARMAC's Pharmaceutical Schedule which fall outside of this category. It also includes medicines imported under Section 29 of the Medicines Act.

It is free to use and can be accessed through this website. It is also be available through participating software systems.

What's in it?

Medicines information in the NZULM includes:

  • whether a medicine is approved for use in New Zealand;
  • what restrictions, if any, apply;
  • whether it is subsidised and the level of subsidy; and
  • any conditions that apply.

The NZULM uses the New Zealand Medicines Terminology (NZMT), a "common language" in which medicines are described and coded using international standards.

There are no changes to the roles of Medsafe, PHARMAC or the Pharmacy Guild.

NZULM information is continuously updated under strict quality assurance processes.

Please note that the website is a window into the information available in NZULM. It is not a prescribing or dispensing tool, nor does it provide clinical decision support to clinicians.

Providers of prescribing, dispensing or clinical information systems should find that using the NZULM reduces the time spent gathering medicines information and putting it into a format that will work with their systems.

The NZULM is an important new foundation for the health system. It will enhance patient safety, the safe use of medicines, and the efficiency and effectiveness of prescribing and dispensing systems. It will also contribute to better reporting of medicines information, as well as health sector initiatives such as ePharmacy and the New Zealand Medicines Formulary.


NZ Formulary

The NZ Formulary is now available.

It provides clinical reference information on top of (and including) the medicines information provided by the NZULM.

To find out more please visit

The NZULM Explained in Just Two Minutes

Here's a brief animated video that explains why the NZULM exists and what it does.

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