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You can search for:
- partial product / drug names
- SCTIDs (NZMT code numbers)
- Pharmacodes

Searching the NZULM

Purpose of this Website

This is NOT a prescribing or dispensing tool.

The NZULM website is a window into the information available in the NZULM.

It's purpose is to allow you to explore the contents of the NZULM and to discover the depth of information within it.

NZULM information will shortly be incorporated into the Prescribing and Dispensing software you use today for this purpose.

Search by Product, Substance or ATC code

Two forms of searching are currently provided.
1) You can search for any part of a product name or substance name in the primary search box, or
2) you can search the NZULM through the WHO ATC hierarchy.

Important Search Tips

If you enter paracetamol in the search box the first list of results will show only the names that CONTAIN paracetamol. It will not find all the products that have paracetamol as base substance e.g. Paracare will not be displayed under the heading Branded Products because it does not have paracetamol in the description. However Amcal Paracetamol will be displayed. If you search on part words (e.g. para) you will get more results. In this case Paracare would be included in the results.

Origin of Data

The NZULM distributes information from third parties. The originators of the information distributed through the NZULM include the NZ Medicines Terminology, Medsafe and PHARMAC, the Pharmaceutical Management Agency. The subsidy information being distributed through the NZULM is taken from the latest available version of the Pharmaceutical Schedule which is published by PHARMAC.


While every care has been taken in compiling the NZULM, the NZULM and the originators of the information provided through the NZULM take no responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies, and shall not be liable for any consequences arising there from.

It's a Two Stage Search

1. Type a generic or brand name into the search box

  • Full or partial names will work.
  • The first page of results will only show items with names that CONTAIN the term you typed in the search box.

    >> See Important Search Tips on the left side of this page
  • Results are alphabetical under the headings of Generic Substances and Branded Products.

2. Drill down for more details

  • Select a name from the results listed and see all generic or branded products RELATED to your selection.
  • Items are grouped by Dose Form, with generic substances before branded products.
  • Click the buttons to get information from Pharmac, Medsafe, or the Medicines Terminology.
    • MS will show you data from Medsafe (including the Data-sheet and CMI if available)
    • MT will show you data from the NZ Medicines Terminology
    • PH will show you data from the PHARMAC schedule (and any associated Special Authority form).

Sorting and Grouping Results

Search results are generally sorted alphabetically under the headings of Generic Substances and Branded Products.

Would you like subsidised items first?

The checkboxes under the search box allow you to:
  • Sort within these headings so that Subsidised products rise to the top of each section.
  • Group all subsidised products (branded AND generic) at the top of the list of results.